Welcome to Zagreb, the new European travel mecca. Whether you are coming to Zagreb on business, or just passing through on your way to a destination in the Adriatic, or taking a city break, Flower Square Apartments makes an ideal base for your stay at the Croatian capital.

The apartments are located in the centre of Zagreb, around Petar Preradović Square, colloquially known as Flower Square because of the many flower shops. All the important city landmarks are just a 10-minute walk away, and next to the tram, there is a taxi station nearby. The city centre’s pedestrian zone is a darling shopping destination, and there is also a supermarket in the very square, located within the Cvjetni shopping mall. It is good to know that there are two pharmacies in the close proximity of Flower Square Apartments.

Inspired by the growing trend of travellers who rather choose apartments to standardised hotels, we have tried to add a personal touch and make your stay in Zagreb as pleasant and inspiring as possible. We are aware that we cannot cater to everyone’s taste or make your every wish come true, but we appreciate your remarks, suggestions and praises.

We will be happy to assist you in organising the rest of your trip, picking a destination, transportation, airport transfer and other issues regarding the planning of your trip and stay in Zagreb and Croatia. We wish you a pleasant stay.

We can accommodate up to 12 persons, our facilities include two fully furnished apartments 67 and 65 square meters, respectively, in size.

Flower Square Apartments are located in the pedestrian zone and do not have parking facilities, but we can recommend several public garages in the centre of Zagreb, which are also the safest place to park. For shorter stays we recommend the Cvjetni mall’s garage or garage in Ilica 45. For longer stays there is a much more affordable Tuškanac garage, only a 10-minute walk away. On request, we can offer one parking place in Ilica Apartment. Parking fee is 10 Euro per day.

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